Kevin Yost Live in NYC

Kevin Yost Kevin Yost just recently performed his new live act in NYC for Strangelove Events.

Read all about his new setup in the interview and enjoy the extremely well received music from Gallery Bar, New York

You have recently debuted your live act, and we had the pleasure of hearing you absolutely ROCK one of these live sets at Gallery Bar in NYC for the Strangelove event in March. Tell us a little about what your live setup consists of and how this is different from your DJ sets.
My set up consists of Ableton Live, Akai MPK 49 controller keyboard and an Akai APC 40 controller. I set up a template where I have my drum kits, vst sounds and a few disco loops all at my finger tips. I start fresh for each set and create drum loops, bassline and chords as I go. It can be very challenging because you just can’t grab a song and drop it in there if the vibe is not right. I actually have to create the vibe from nothing and make it work. Im not really there to perform as much as I am to make the people dance. Its very different from djing because you are basically naked up there and have to fend for yourself and convince the people to groove to what your creating live. I love the challenge and I hope people dig what im trying to do which is give them something unique and fresh for each show. Djng is less challenging for me because I have been doing it so long and playing pre recorded music, matching the beats and tweaking the eq has become routine. Don’t get me wrong I love djing but I just feel like I can give more creatively to the people.

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Upcoming Dates:
April 06 Istanbul Turkey @ poupon
April 07 Istanbul Turkey, Anjelique
April 13 Milan Italy Private Party
April 14 Salerno Italy (Daft Party @ Teatro Vittoria)

Kevin Yost joins Groovecollection

Kevin Yost We are very proud to announce that one of the biggest names of the deep house with jazzy influences, the American DJ and producer Kevin Yost is added to our roster.

Highly estimated by his public and the critics, he is a regular on many international events and festivals throughout the World. Feel free to contact us for available dates.

Kevin Yost needs no further introduction. His 12 year career shows an impressive list of singles and albums. Releases like ‘One Starry Night’ from 1998 is still considered as a benchmark for the Deep House genre and sold more than 50.000 copies!!

Full biography and links to his pages can be found here.

Listen here to his latest DJ Mix