Martin Garcia’s new release

Martin Garcia – Dialogue / Discovery
A. Dialogue
B. Discovery

Out today on Beatport

Four of our artists on one release

There is probably no better way to start. Our first news item tells you about a release including 4 Groovecollection artists. It is the follow up from Soulfinder‘s ‘Walking In the Distance’. Three amazing remixes in different styles to please everybody.

First up is Daneel from Argentina. This man has proven that he can turn any record into a dancefloor bomb. Loads of bootlegs from big name artists make him a very in demand remixer now. Next up is Sebastian Davidson. Some call him the deep-house king from Holland. Check this remix out to hear why. Martin Garcia provides the third remix. One of the biggest names from South-America delivers a beautiful remix which is already supported by the biggest names.

Soulfinder – Walking In The Distance (the remixes)
A. Daneel Remix
B. Sebastian Davidson Remix
C. Martin Garcia Remix

Out today on Beatport